The secret identities of Emerson’s best and brightest magazine magnates.

Chancellor Horace He Song Wang: Supreme Overlord

Horace He Song Wang is a rising senior at Chinese International School, although his school doesn’t go by that system. He was born in the city of Hong Kong and has lived there since. He spends so much time on the computer, writing and not writing, that it’s strange he hasn’t fused with his chair. In addition to writing, he enjoys reading, drawing, watching television shows, and playing basketball.

Robert Carieri: Design Manager 

Robert “Papa John’s Pizza” Carieri is an aspiring screenwriter and all-star point guard on the renowned professional basketball team, The Toon Squad. “Yes, I like piña coladas,” Carieri says, “and getting caught in the rain.” Aside from being a writer and all-star basketball champion, Carieri is a proud dad as well as member of the experimental/industrial hip-hop project, Death Grips.

Brent Leibowitz: Bio Master

Brent Leibowitz is a proud speaker of the third person from Hopkinton, MA. Brent wanted to be an actor before realizing that it involved rejection and he would be poor so he decided to be a writer. When not writing a script, Brent can be found binge-watching Breaking Bad. Again. Brent would like to give a shout out to Todd Tobias for taking his ego down a couple notches and showing him the screenplay section of the library.

Olivia Zheng: Fearless Leader 

Olivia Zheng is not physically capable of staying in the same seat for multiple hours. This makes for an awkward writing process, and you might find her stretching or standing with a laptop in her hands. As she cannot comprehend the fact that a day only has twenty four hours, she is also often complaining about her lack of sleep.

Jen Leather: Cannot Be Described

They say Jen Leather be cool. Jen Leather be poppin’. Jen stands at her locker and all the boys keep stoppin’

Gregorio Osha: Vice President of Internal Affairs

Gregorio grew up in the small town of Norwood CO. Where he enjoys outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and biking.

Kali Lo-Ng: Non-Fiction Editor

From NYC. Named by her parents after the Hindu goddess of darkness and destruction.

Jenna Bao: Non-Fiction Editor 

Jenna Bao is a 15-year-old (which is apparently a sin worthy of banishment) from Ohio who loves flash fiction and effective language in general. She is an unapologetic fan of Asian soap operas, claims “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is her anthem, and is best described as the type of person who wears a pink bathrobe and a flower crown through downtown Boston.

Kitty Guo: Non-Fiction Editor 

Likes: clouds, ampersands, taxidermy, patterned socks, nose bridges, and Business Fish. She tries to be cool and witty and really just ends up making a fool of herself.

Natalie Harper: Non-Fiction Editor 

Floral fanatic. Van Gogh neat freak. Self proclaimed Queen Supreme. Low key lover. One man Chuck Palahniuk fan club. Elvis Depressedly and Mac Demarco’s love child. Ultraviolent American Beauty. Matinee martyr. Dummy.

Isabella Valdez: Non-Fiction Editor

It was in seventh grade when Isabella knew she wanted to be a writer. She wrote an “offensive” letter to the second grade teacher and was suspended for one day. In the principal’s office she decided that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Today, Isabella mostly writes essays, narratives, and, occasionally, poetry.

Julia Margalit: Non-Fiction Editor 

Julia Margalit is likely to be found laughing, talking, or a combination of the two. All Julia really cares about is art in any form. She enjoys bike riding, swimming, and breaking out into random dance. Most importantly, the key to Julia’s heart is through chocolate layer cake.

Vanessa Allen: Poetry Editor 

Vanessa Allen is a horror writer who is currently working on her first novel. Her favorite author is Stephen King, but she also is a fan of J.K. Rowling and Toni Morrison. She also enjoys comedy, playing video games, and getting attached to fictional characters (her own and otherwise). Vanessa is currently involved in her high school’s literary magazine, Echoes, in which she has been published twice.

Christine Arumainayagam: Poetry Editor

Christine enjoys the color turquoise, eating french toast, petting her dog Teddy, and writing Harry Potter fanfiction. Her bragging rights include owning way too many pajamas and being the tallest midget in the world. Her life goals are to visit Spain one day, become an English teacher and adopt lots of puppies.

Alex Schreiber: Poetry Editor 

Alex Schreiber is a stranger to himself. He understands what he loves (writing, poetry, etc.) but chooses to ignore math and logic. Everything bores him but humanity; people are his motivation to write, and people are what motivate him to live. Oh, that and quantum physics. He loves quantum physics.

Felicia Lowe: Poetry Editor 

Felicia Lowe has a lot of communist friends. She decides to join in on their pretentious book club meetings with them on Saturdays. She will tell you she enjoys these meetings but she attends only to do her friends a favor. Her essence is maddening, if you look at her for too long the unneeded metaphors will pile up and clog your sanity and vision. She is referred to as the peace maker or hippy in her friend groups. Little do they know of the darkness that inhabits her when they are not looking. If you see her with her red moleskine notebook while sipping chai tea she is probably plotting against you. She will also most likely steal your mother, I know from experience.

Claudia Serino: Poetry Editor 

Claudia Serino is from Weston, Connecticut, a small town that many do not know. She is intent on moving as far away as she can one day, perhaps the west coast or England. She is a rising junior at the Taft boarding school. Many ask if her family hates her, or if she’s some sort of delinquent- but, in fact, she was just a young girl who made an impulsive decision to seek independence. She is consistently this impulsive and often sleepy.

Anisha Mishra: Fiction Editor 

Anisha Mishra is a sophomore at Needham High school in Massachusetts, where she lives. She is apart of her journalism program at Needham High, as well as a columnist for her school’s newspaper, The Hilltopper. During her freshman year, Anisha served as a volunteer for several groups, such as the Indo American Youth Group (IAYG) and worked at two community farms during the summer. Anisha is also a swimmer. She swims for her club team, Karishim, year round and is among the top five female swimmers on her high school team. When Anisha is not participating in these activities, she enjoys free writing (various genres such as fiction and realistic fiction), dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

Tess Rosenthal: Fiction Editor

Tess was born and raised in New York City and has only been mugged once. When she isn’t bogged down with schoolwork or being yelled at by her Russian fencing coach, one can find her either working on her novel or procrastinating life with Netflix marathons.

Hannah Weisman: Fiction Editor

Hannah Weisman is a short, sassy brunette of moderate work ethic with a tendency towards excellent gossip. She likes to horrify/traumatize children with her ability to change shape into their greatest fears. Hannah’s tribe excommunicated her after an eccentric plot to destroy the moon. Also, she reads books.

Jack Hobbs: Fiction Editor 

Jack would like to thank his mains: Nat Daddy, Giddy Grandma, DJ Devotion, IntoxiKate, Call-me-Calla, Tiny Tina, and Lil’ Luth; this goes out to y’all! Unfortunately, Jack didn’t eat his twin in the womb and must endure a lifetime of cloneship. When not trying to be funny, Jack can be found jamming out to music from the cast of Victorious.

Anastasia Momoh: Fiction Editor

Anastasia, whose last name most Americans cannot pronounce, lives thousands of miles away from all of you. Her obsession with the Asian languages has turned all her friends mad. She constantly lives in the worlds of her characters- because of this she gets in more trouble than she can handle.

Tina Ziobro: Fiction Editor  

Tina enjoys spending her time finding Netflix shows to binge watch, debating with her family over unsolvable problems and confusing people with too much sarcasm. She was raised in a town that is known for its stuck up citizens, so she does not wish to admit she takes residence there.