Bookchatter by Sophie Underwood

Bookchatter / / 1. The filler words left on a page because the author needed to lengthen a book so they decided to write some more about that one meadow.

Bookchattering / / 2. A term used to describe that one person who keeps praising that book they just read, and you just wish they’d shut up already because you’ve already read that book and to be honest, it really wasn’t that great. Also, the gossip that seeps into the library in hushed voices between teenagers who want to pretend to their parents they are studying.

Bookchatter / / 3. To flip through the pages of a book without reading it just to have its smell fill the air and hear the rustling of words that probably took years to write. Also, what my books seemed to do, singing softly to me, that one time I was five and built a fort out of books and lay in the middle of it, imagining all the stories and possibilities surrounding me.