About Us

All of our ideas come from somewhere. Our sources of inspiration—literature, television, advertisements, or even conversations that we overhear—imprint on us, leaving an unerasable mark. Our inspiration might come from a mundane part of our lives, or from some fantastical dream we had the night before. But when we find the idea, it’s our duty to write that story; when we write it, we imprint it on the reader.

Imprinted looks at fiction, nonfiction, and poetry pieces that, in some way, resonate with us. We share these works with the rest of the world in the hopes that they resonate with others.

The Creative Writers Workshop at Emerson College has given us a chance of finding this community of writers—people who write at 1 AM in the morning, who understand the fear of workshopping, and who cringe at the sound of a poorly written first draft. It is these people who will keep writing and pass on the imprint.

To view work from previous Creative Writing Programs at Emerson, check out the following publications:

The Split Infinitive (2014)

The Elm (2013)